A Million Blue Pages

Some questions and some answers

How do I add content?

There's a whole page dedicated to that question, but it should be pretty easy: make something that relates to a specific page of House of Leaves and that is of a form that can be shared on Instagram, Tumblr, Vine or Twitter. Post it in the appropriate place and tag it "hol14" and "p123" (replace 123 with the page you're making something for). That usually works!

I posted my content on Tumblr and it still doesn't show up here?

If tagged appropriately, items should appear here within 30 minutes or so. If you still don't see it, try clearing your browser's cache and refreshing.

If you're using Tumblr with a new account, you may still be in Tumblr jail. This keeps your posts hidden from the Tumblr API and, therefore, invisible to AMillionBluePages.net. To fix this, you have to use your Tumblr account in a way that convinces Tumblr you're a real person:

  • Change your profile picture to something other than the default
  • Follow a few other Tumblr users
  • Confirm or reconfirm your email address
  • Change your blog's theme
  • "Like" a few posts by other people

If that still doesn't make it appear, please bear in mind that this site is a work in progress, and contact Zach Whalen.

Who is allowed to add content?

This site is being developed to support a collaborative teaching of House of Leaves during the Spring 2014 semester. Students in those classes should be participating in ways directed by their respective assignments, but anyone in the world is welcome to contribute.

Is the content aggregated at MBP archived?

No. The visualization or table view is meant as a map of the current state of the #hol14 network. Links from here point outward, and content remains hosted at its respective origin site. When the content disappears from, say, Tumblr, it will disappear from MBP after a day or two.

How do I remove my content from A Million Blue Pages?

MBP checks for broken links periodically and removes them. If you delete your Tumblr post, for example, it will eventually disappear from our visualization. If you need it removed sooner, contact Zach Whalen.

How does this website work?

AMillionBluePages.net is a website and platform that uses APIs to scan Instagram, Tumblr, Vine and Twitter for content that has been tagged appropriately. Upon finding that content, MBP adds a reference to that content in its database -- currently a Google Spreadsheet. The site that you're browsing uses the jQuery library, Sheetrock to query that spreadsheet and populate a view of that data.

Given how open this is, aren't you worried about spam?

No. Not really.