A Million Blue Pages

How to Contribute

Step 1: Make a thing

This might be a photo, a video, a poem -- just about anything, so long as it can be shared via one of the networks this website scrapes for content. If you're participating in this for a class, make sure you know what your assignment's expectations are.

Step 2: Upload it somewhere

More specifically, upload it on Vine, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram. Other networks can also be involved as long as you have one representation in the targetted networks. For example, if you post something on YouTube, we can't scrape it directly, but you can post your video there and then create a Tumblr post linking to it.

Step 3: Tag it appropriately

Post something on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine and include in that post at least two tags (or hashtags):

First use ANY ONE of the following:

#hol14, #hol15, #hol16 or #ambp

and then give it a page number like


where "123" is the page number of House of Leaves you wish to associate your content with.

If it all works, your link should appear on the view in about 30 minutes.

For roman-numeraled pages, follow the same convention (e.g. "pxvii"). Pages without numbers use these names as tags: 'Cover', 'Cover-Flap','Inside-cover', 'Collage-Recto', 'Collage-Verso','Inside-Back','Back-Cover'.

Make sure you follow the tagging conventions of the platform your working on, and feel free to add other tags like a class identifier.

Step 4: Check back here

If all goes well, you should soon find a thumbnail to your post on our big table view. If it still hasn't appeared after a couple hours, review these instructions to make sure you haven't missed something. Otherwise, contact us.